What is Jonathan Kuminga’s height? Fact-checking Warriors forward's viral 7-2 growth spurt rumors

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Jonathan Kuminga
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If the internet is to be believed, Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga has experienced a remarkable growth spurt within the past few months.

However, nine times out of ten, the internet is not to be believed. 

Rumors about Kuminga's height flooded social media after several posts on Twitter claimed he had grown to 7-2 in the past year. That's a massive increase of seven inches from his listed height of 6-7 on his NBA.com player page.

Jonathan Kuminga height rumors

The initial speculation centers around a parody Twitter post that claimed Golden State's Moses Moody made comments on Kuminga's height. 

“I’m not lying," Moody was alleged to have said. "He’s tall as f--- now.”

The same tweet reported that Kuminga had apparently grown to more than seven feet tall. 

However, the tweet is nothing more than a joke. The account owner quickly clarified that the information was "nowhere near true" and that they were "jus trolling." 

But as usual, that didn't stop the internet from taking it and running with it. It didn't help that Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala replied to the tweet, joking that Kuminga had grown to 7-2. 

A photoshopped image of a massive Kuminga towering over his teammate Jordan Poole (who is listed at 6-4) quickly made the rounds. The altered image appears to have taken an old photo of Kuminga from before he was drafted, blown it up in size and placed it next to a different picture of Poole. 

Kuminga is just 20 years old and was drafted by the Warriors in 2021 at the age of 18. Because he is still young, it is possible that he has grown slightly since entering the league. However, a growth spurt of seven inches after turning pro is unheard of in the basketball world. There is no way he is taller than Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo or Joel Embiid. 

Several other Twitter accounts made the joke their own, claiming that various players around the league had undergone astronomical growth spurts. Here's a look at some of the best posts parodying the initial tweet:

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